What is TeleHealth Connect?

TeleHealth Connect is a secure medical messaging system that allows Patients to communicate with their healthcare providers via the internet.

TeleHealth Connect is designed to allow for sharing of sensitive healthcare information between patients and the healthcare community. In addition, TeleHealth Connect improves the productivity of staff and relieves the frustrations of patients trying to communicate with specific individuals to perform tasks like scheduling, prescription refills, billing inquiries, and other administrative tasks.

E-Visits and TeleHealth Connect

TeleHealth Connect can also be used to document web visits for payers that reimburse providers for this activity. This type of service is growing in the healthcare market as payers and healthcare networks recognize the savings and convenience associated with internet based medical and clinical follow up procedures. Clinical data such as lab results and even images can be transferred to the patient as part of the provider to patient secure medical email interaction.

Security and TeleHealth Connect

All of the patients Secure Medical Messages and attachments reside exclusively in Microsoft's HealthVault. Messages and connections are controlled by the patient and can be deleted or discontinued at any time. However, the commercial user may print any of the secure messages and attachments they receive to include any clinical data in the medical record. The commercial user enrolls each patient in the communication process and determines the terms of use for the messages when each patient accepts enrollment.

Support and TeleHealth Connect

Email and phone support are provided free of charge. Email support requests can be initiated by using the Contact us form.

Due to the seriousness of Protected Healthcare Information [PHI] we do not support patient's use of TeleHealth Connect. Patient support of TeleHealth Connect should be provided by the Healthcare provider. We are happy to assist a provider's patient liaison in providing patient support.

Money and TeleHealth Connect

TeleHealth Connect is free to all patients enrolled. Pricing is scalable to providers based on the number of contacts available to patients. Please select the administrative option on the Contact Us form for more information about how to implement this system.

Trial Version

A no risk Trial Version is availble to see if TeleHealth Connect is right for you. Trial Version has all the security as the Full Version with limited features.

Full Version

The Full Version comes with training sessions. Marketing material is also included once the Full Version has been puchaced.

Features and TeleHealth Connect

TeleHealth Connect is scaleable enough to meet the needs of a small clinic or a network of providers.

Features Full Version Trial Account
Free for Patients
Private and Secure Messages
Patient Data Stored in HealthVault
Unlimited Attachments
Unlimited Messages
Multi user access to Provider Inboxes
Out of Office Replies
Product support
View Message logs
Provider to Provider messaging  
Phone support and training
Customized marketing material  
Networked Provider Accounts  
Out of Network messaging  
Directory Invitations  
Customizable Invitation emails
Self Enrollment for Patients  
[Inner Account] Provider to Provider Chat
[Full] Provider to Provider Chat  
Patient to Provider Chat Coming Soon  
Video Conferencing Coming Soon Coming Soon
Patient Information Forms
Computerized Physician Order Entry - CPOE Coming Soon  

Features Explained

Multi user Access to Provider Inboxes

Multi user Access allows many people in the office to view all messages sent the account. This allows one user to triage messages by applying categories as they come in.

The problem with conventional email is that you must know exactly who should receive the message. With Multi user Access the patients just send one message and the office determines who replies

Out of Office Replies

Out of Office Replies allow providers to instantly display a message to Patients when they are away from the office. This feature can also be used as an auto reply.

Message Logs

Each message in TeleHealth Connect is logged by event, user and date. The logs can be viewed by both the Patients and the Providers.

Logged Events
  • Sent - when then message is sent
  • Viewed - when the message is viewed
  • Replied - when the message is replied to and sent
  • Printed - when a user prints the message
  • Categorized - when a user applies a category to the message
  • Deleted - when a user elects to delete a message

Networked Provider Accounts

This Feature allows a main account to control sub accounts communication privileges between each other.

Out of Network messaging

Out of Network messaging is simply the ability to send messages to other provider accounts that are not directly controlled by your account.

Directory Invitations

Directory Invitations allow a group of accounts to communicate with a patient with one invitation.

Without Directory Invitations a Patient would have to accept an invitation from each provider to begin communication.

Once the Patient accepts the Directory Invitation they have access to any new accounts that are added to that directory.

Self Enrollment for Patients

Self Enrollment allows patients to send and accept an invitation from your company website. This Feature can easily be integrated with existing websites

Without Self Enrollment an individual from your facility must send invitations to your patients wanting to communicate via TeleHealth Connect.

Provider to Provider Chat [Inner Account]

Inner Account Chat allows each member of an account to instant message with each other.

Provider to Provider Chat [Full]

Full access Chat allows an account member to instant message with any Provider they can send a message to in or out of network.

Patient Information Forms

Patient Information Forms are fully customizable forms that providers build and maintain to collect data from patients. The forms can be pushed directly to the patients to completed. The patients can also select the forms complet them on their own. Each form is sent along side a standard secure message.

Information Forms allow providers to collect information necessary to complete a patient's request. Because they are customized to your organization you only get the data you need.

As a provider you can have as many Patient Information Forms as services offered by your facility. You can also ask as many questions as needed on each Form. Each question on the form can be designated as required or optional base on your needs or preference.

Patient Information Form Question Types
  • Short answer - small text area for the patient to fill in.
  • Long answer - multi lined text area for the patient to fill in
  • Number only - field only accepts numbers great for zip code or frequency type questions
  • Date - a calendar appears to assist patients in choosing correct date
  • Yes / No - gives patient a yes or no choice option
  • Multiple Choice - allows patients to pick from a list of options


We are currently developing a Computerized Physician Order Entry module to fulfill CPOE meaningful use criteria.

CPOE decreases delay in order completion, reduces errors related to handwriting or transcription, allows order entry at point-of-care or off-site.

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