Medical Messaging Software

Connect with Patients

Connect with Patients

TeleHealth Connect provides secure medical messages and file transfers between patients and the healthcare community.

Secure email software

Secure Data Exchange

All messages and attachments are stored securely in Microsoft® HealthVaultTM under the complete control of the patient.

Increase profits

Increase Productivity and Revenue

Reduce office phone calls and increase revenue by providing patient Web-Visits (CPT Code 99444)

Healthcare provider

Why TeleHealth Connect?

Improve Care

  • Increase adherence to medical instructions and improve health outcomes
  • Extend the personal connection patients have with their doctors and providers
  • Offer Patients more involvement in their own care
  • Increase patient-centered care and patient-centered relationships.
  • Bridges the communication for the hearing impaired

Offer E-Visits

  • Contact your provider or healthcare administrator 24/7
  • Reduces phone calls and phone tag between providers and patients
  • Physicians can do more Web visits in an hour than brief in-office visits
  • Administrative inquiries can be triaged and handled by practice staff, while physicians can decide how to handle clinical inquiries


  • Eliminate HIPAA concerns present in email
  • Secure and private communications
  • No worry of spam or email viruses


  • Communication only through authorized connections
  • Free for patients
  • Unlimited message storage
  • Unlimited attachments, up to 10MB each
Hipaa Compliant Software

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"So far it is AWESOME! I can’t thank you enough for this service for my patients…
it saves time not calling and playing phone tag"
- Kenneth M Renney MD
Sugar Land, TX

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